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    Waters of Mars

    ——————-R.I.P. Neil Armstrong——————-

    The Doctor: I don’t know. I think something wonderful happens. Something that started fifty years ago. Isn’t that right?

    Brooke: I’ve never told anyone that.

    The Doctor: You told your daughter. And maybe one day she tells the story to her daughter. The day the Earth was stolen and moved across the Universe. And you…

    Brooke: I saw the Daleks. We looked up, the sky had changed. Everyone was running and screaming. And my father took hold of me. I never saw him again. Nor my mother. They were never found. But out on the streets there was panic. And burning. I went to the window. And there, in the sky, I saw it, Doctor. And it saw me. It stared at me. It looked right into me. And then… it simply went away. I knew that night, I knew I would follow it.

    The Doctor: But not for revenge.

    Brooke: What would be the point of that?

    The Doctor: That’s what makes you remarkable. And that’s how you create history.

    Brooke: What d’you mean?

    The Doctor: Imagine it, Adelaide, if you began a journey that takes the human race all the way out to the stars. It begins with you. And then your granddaughter, you inspire her. So that in thirty years, Susie Fontana Brooke is the pilot of the first lightspeed ship to Proxima Centauri. And then everywhere. With her children, and her children’s children, forging the way. To the Dragon Star, the Celestial Belt of the Winter Queen. The map of the Water Snake Wormholes. One day a Brooke will even fall in love with a Tandonian prince. And that’s the start of a whole new species. And everything starts with you, Adelaide. From fifty years ago to right here. Today.

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    captured at

    00:01:01, 2x exposure,

    AND 00:02:16,


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    I’m doing an internship at BBC Beijing currently and it’s a lot of fun. Most correspondents, editors and producers there are British and are quite nice and helpful.

    The only problem is:

    None of them gave any reaction to my Tardis t-shirt……

    I’m so depressed T_T

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    Goodbye, Doctor.

    I guess we all need to say goodbye to the Doctor someday in the end.


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